Implications of Salesforce on Edtech Industry


Educational organizations are continually evolving, especially with the help of Salesforce. Salesforce has been empowering educational institutions to go far and beyond, via a range of products and services. The Salesforce Education Cloud has been developed to contribute more to higher education organizations. What cloud service ensures is that it provides extreme efficacy for educational institutions. If an educational institution is looking forward to transforming the way to operate, they can help build the seamless software for that.

Why Pay Attention to Edtech?

Education technology is a high potential industry. It is expected to grow into above $377 billion by 2028. The reason for this anticipated growth is the rise of new technologies and the altering needs of students. With social media and the internet still being a big part of our lives, these very media are expected to become greater parts of our education system.

With an ongoing pandemic for the last 2 years, the EdTech market has grown considerably by approximately 21% Y-O-Y in 2021. In 2022, we see a few new trends:

·        Enduring Education

·        A Focus On Personal Development And Learning

·        Social Learning

·        AI-Driven Education

·        Big Data And Adaptive Learning


As has been inferred edtech industry is still in its early stages of development. However, it has shown a good promise of development in future. The advent of the Edtech word helps students and professionals to educate themselves at their own stride by tailoring the curriculum and giving them the flexibility of decision of their own learning-time. Benefits of edtech comprise of democratizing education, by constructing the knowledge economy, as well as augmenting curriculum of K-12 students for developing industry-standard services.


Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud is the comprehensive customer relationship management software used by colleges and universities. It helps its users to track their integral relationships, prospects, students; alumni and donors. Some of the major reasons why Salesforce Education Cloud is being used are:

·        Eleven Per Cent hike in enrolment

·        Thirty Per Cent faster reaction to student-needs

·        Forty Per Cent increase in student engagement

·        Sixty Per cent decline in IT expenses

·        Eighty Per Cent hike in staff productivity

·        195% Return on Investment with a payback period of 7 months

·        2.4M dollars’ worth of total legacy of cost savings

·        A raise in the donor and alumni involvement and funds.

Features of Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud is well equipped with features to enable educational organizations with their work.  Here, we enlist 3 of the same:

Student Data Management

Salesforce enables an educational organization to you manage tasks easily. There are several things that one needs to deal with and thereby needing a centralized solution to help out. Salesforce education cloud does just that.

Teachers’ Management

Salesforce Education Cloud will help teachers to gain deeper insights into the students to augment their efficiency. This will, in term; provide one single dashboard for teachers and students. Moreover, it will create an efficient and cost-effective solution for you.

Admission Connect

Salesforce Education Cloud being an admission CRM software, it is designed to offer customized solutions based on the requirements of the institution’s admissions office. With it, schools and colleges can engage with the application meaningfully and appreciate a smooth admission management procedure.



Each educational organization has its own set of necessities. EdTech CRMs have been designed to enable educational institutions to consolidate information from numerous channels of enquiries including emails, calls, etc., thus engaging with the interested students, and gaining a follow up at the correct time.  


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