SAP Goes On to Reimagine Services and Support Portfolio for Success in the Cloud Technology





Over the years, we have heard people using terms like the cloud, cloud computing, or cloud storage. Our previous blogs on this has been clear about its usage and benefits. The cloud is more precisely, everything you can access remotely over Internet. Summary being whatever is stored in the cloud, it means it's stored on Internet servers instead of your computer's hard drive. Having said that, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) recently announced of simplification of its services and support portfolio. They have chosen by hinging to focus on customer adoption and consumption. The aforementioned portfolio is built for the cloud and has been designed to enable customers to understand how to value quickly and achieve permanent success.


Why Use SAP At All?

Some of the major reasons why cloud is used, are convenience as well as reliability. For instance, if you've ever utilized a web-based email service, like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, you've already used the cloud. The cloud within the above emails being a web-based service which are stored on servers instead on your computer's hard drive. As a result, you can access your email from anywhere, only the place should have an Internet connection. This also means that you can recover your emails in case your computer facility is either unreachable or you can’t use it.

What’s More?

SAP has unshakable offerings, which includes SAP MaxAttention, SAP Preferred Success as well as SAP Enterprise Support, and others.  These services will remain and endure to evolve and deliver the foundation of your organization’s success-related experiences. New offerings include embedded launch activities as well as SAP’s Business Journeys offerings. These have been included to update their portfolio.

What Customers Can Get from It

To enable them to deliver customers, maximum flexibility, SAP has come up with three new levels of success experience. This provides for 3 types of experiences such as essential success experience, progressive success experience and select success experience. Each of the above-mentioned level reflects on the individual customer requirements and deployment methods. All the three levels have been designed to create, guide and then engage customers to hasten their application of the SAP software platform achieving lasting success.

The 3 Experiences

Essential Success Experience

This is centered across SAP Enterprise Support, which is the most significant success experience level. The essential experience gives you an excellent foundational on-boarding and support experience over the SAP solution landscape for your customers. The experiences are designed to focus on practical, mission-critical support, along with application lifecycle management, and fast time to first value. Fixed launch activities balance the cloud editions of the SAP Enterprise Support in order to enable customers to arrange and accelerate functions adding value faster, ti benefit from what's already been completed.

Advanced Success Experience

The advanced success experience level, has been created based on SAP Preferred Success. It provides customized solutions and process knowledge for SAP cloud solutions. Further on, it gives you an expanded support service-level agreements. Advanced Success Experience possesses a one-stop-shop solution for everything, starting from workflows to user experience and also, to culture. It offers sophisticated as well as targeted advice to enable customers get more value using SAP products. This works to improve their business-related consequences over time. It's an exclusive vision translating metrics as well as milestones into a customized success strategy. Moreover, customer success partners help your customers in getting the maximum value out of their SAP systems.

Select Success Experience

This level is personalized to customers' separate transformational requirements and conclusions. It enables you to drive optimization and value realization of endwise multi-solution business landscapes. Customers have full responsibility of choosing a complete, multiyear strategic engagement with SAP-related on SAP MaxAttention or more temporary engagements-demanding on significant convincing business events with SAP Business Journeys.


To summarize, SAP has been on a spree to make things easier for everyone. It’s been a long journey, but we can rightly deduce SAP has plans to carry on development of the portfolio since customers need to grow your organizations in the cloud. The improved offerings can mark the beginning of a new era of greater customer and SAP ecosystem teamwork.


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