Some Interesting Facts About Slack-Salesforce Integration


Let’s talk about a prolonged love story between Salesforce and Slack. Before Salesforce had acquired Slack, the two worked jointly for numerous years on incorporating both services to assist in sales teams to straightforwardly accessing important account-related information. With the growth in their shared customer base, they decided to comprise of tens of thousands of team installations, or their customers’ needs for more prosperous integrations across our two different platforms grew, too.


What is Slack?

Slack is a team communication software along with team collaboration software that is created to construct the business communication a great deal simpler. To simplify, having an organization’s team’s communications in a single location, and effortlessly searchable. Moreover, Slack enables its user to use this from anywhere including their messages or documents, as well as programs & services; everything on a single platform.


Another important aspect of Slack is that users can easily receive and make phone calls, or video conferences, as well as screen sharing. Moreover, the software has been thus designed so as to be able to be adaptable. Users can form and disable channels and can be reached at any time. It also enables users to build threads within channels to help organize many discussions at the same time. You may also comprise of potential customers, existing customers; in various discussions with teammates.

More than 7000 and above companies international use Slack for their daily team communiqué, like Airbnb, Shopify, Pinterest, etc.

Why Slack?


By using Salesforce and Slack together organizations were able to administer their sales pipeline or customer service more professionally. The Salesforce app for Slack helped all Salesforce Editions (apart from Salesforce Essentials) and supports the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud on both, Lightning and Classic experiences.

Incorporating Salesforce And Slack, the users have the convenience to search for their leads, search for contacts and the records unswervingly into the Slack platform. One of the easiest ways to incorporate Salesforce and Slack systems is via Salesforce Appexchange. Salesforce Appexchange is the marketplace where free apps as well as paid apps are easy to get to for download for the users.



Keeping Team up-to-date

Post-Slack and Salesforce integration, an organization’s team members will not be able to miss any keep informed to critical information over Salesforce. The organization’s sales & service representatives are expected be able to obtain personalized notification on Slack instantaneously. This means that these reps no more require work to log into a different tool to be reserved in the loop. With such efficient communications system, the team would in daily basis be able to focus on more significant jobs. 

Keeping All On Track

Slack enables users in searching and previewing Salesforce records. These records include accounts, or opportunities and cases, without having to leave Slack. If an important person needs to tagged, the user can simply tag them in Slack. Using the slash command or Salesforce [account name] in Slack, one can gather significant details and get speedy visibility into chief accounts – even on the go.

Real Time Engagement

Slack enables its users to have a real-time engagement between the organization’s employees and customers. This ensures superior customer satisfaction ratio.


With all its benefits in mind, integrating Slack into Salesforce operation still remains a challenge. Chances exist in the fact that that the aforementioned merger may establish Slack operating as a standalone software for a short period of time. This is pretty common when it comes to multi-billion deals of this kind. But these are assumption. Learn more about Salesforce and related topics @



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