National Customer Service Week- Top Ways We Can Celebrate Virtually


The first week of October is termed as Customer Service Week, It is a week to honor and celebrate professionals in the customer service profession. Over the past year, customer support agents were dutifully dealing with large number of queries asked by customers who were concerned about either cancelled flights, or vague insurance conditions, delayed packages, or even urgent and expressively important issues. Customer engagement, has in the present has become very high, while the service representatives were adjusting to  working for longer hours, new technologies, as well as remote work. This present year’s National Customer Service Week celebrates the different ways an organization’s agents contribute to the organization’s success. Whether the organization’s team is working from home, or working hybrid, or working in-person, the first week of October should be used to show extra appreciation with your team. Here are five ways how as an organization should support your team through National Customer Service Week, despite where the agents are this year.


Most of the past year, customer service professionals have endured a lot, this year you can do something nice for them! Hand-written ‘Thank You’ cards still make a difference! You could send a kind word or a kind gesture to your customer service team members. This would encourage your employees, especially in these challenging times.

Leadership Messages

This National Customer Service Week raise awareness about the importance of the customer service profession. Make the week memorable by spreading a companywide leadership and recognition message from the leadership. Have the message delivered, either in a virtual setting or through a video message or through an email.


Who doesn’t like gifts? Your employees would sure do! Gifts are a part of the Customer Service Week tradition. A token of admiration is always welcomed with love and can attract attention when it is on-theme. Virtual rewards such as gift cards as well as gift redemption cards can easily be administered across work from home workforces.

Game Day

Games are great ways to de-stress your CSRs and help them become more productive. Games like Jenga, or trivia, or office Olympics, or “Name That Tune” or Minute-to-Win-It, are perfect for encouraging employee engagement. 

Public Recognition

Everyone likes being praised for the good work they do. How about you do the same for your customer service reps? Most if not all, employees feel valued being shown appreciation by managers which not only progresses their relationship but also constructs trust with their higher-ups. Make your staf feel valued by merely showing it through personalized greeting cards.

Prizes & Awards

On the final day of the National Customer Service Week, take your time out to thank every employee taking part in the aforementioned event to make it a success. Celebrate this final part of the week- long celebration via prize distribution or award ceremonies. In such ceremonies, you can award your customer service representatives by including some monetary value to the greeting card that you’re sending. The gift cards provided them can easily be exchanged according their choice.


Recognizing your frontline employees is key to keeping everything stirring, and customer service workers, deserve a festivity that is above and beyond for ongoing hold on the line for customers. 


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