Impact of Media Cloud on Media Industry


2020! A year we all remember for its negatives! But it was a treasure for countless industries such as the media and entertainment industry. On an international level, the aforementioned Media & Entertainment sector had been valued at $2.1 trillion in the year 2018, of which the United States accounted for about $678 billion. By the year, 2023 the market size of the media and entertainment industry is anticipated to grow by 23% valued at $2.6 trillion. The top-notch players expected to have a share in this growth, include names such as Disney, YouTube, Netflix, and more. 

Issues Faced By The Media Industry

Erstwhile, the media industry was affected by multiple challenges. These challenges that once troubled the industry are mentioned here below:

  •  Manual Reporting Processes to affect sales performances.
  •  Lack of communication between the print and digital media which led to deferred financial analysis, planning, recruitment as well as retention of skilled employees were impossible.
  •  Managing incongruent data was complex with increased competition.
  • Failed in keeping up with the shifting market trends.

  • Miscommunication between clients.
  • Cyber threats with the coming out of new platforms.
  • Complexity in gaining advertising income added with fluctuations in the media and business.

 Benefits Offered By Media Cloud on Media & Entertainment Industry

New technology will permit the publishers to manage digital as well as traditional advertising sales planning, along with execution and measurement in a single platform. Planned cross-channel forecast offers a company a complete view of obtainable advertising inventory across diverse formats to reach the accurate target audiences on their preferred channels. The following are some of the major benefits that are enumerated in these passages:

Scalability & Flexibility

The on-demand characteristics of cloud computing to endow with the levels of scalability and flexibility that the Media and Entertainment sector needs to economically meet unpredictable demands, automatically spinning servers up and down with respect with the ebb and flows of demand.

Cost Effective

Salesforce Media Cloud usage in the media and entertainment industry presents chances to prevent technology and storage costs to balance the increasing costs in other areas.

Standard Performance & Low Downtime

Media Cloud enables excellent quality streaming performance, with negligible delays and downtime. This aspect is critical for user experience as well as an advertiser’s expectations. For example, even if it’s for a few seconds, a delayed streaming ad can have brutal impacts on a media company since a hefty sum would have to be paid back to the advertiser who hired them. With its multi-cloud, multi-region and hybrid deployments, Media Cloud helps with better availability and high-performance SLAs.

Speedier & Continuous Expansion of Content

With the aid of Salsforce Media Cloud, media companies and organizations can manage, store, and then deliver colossal quantities of digital content in a swift, vibrant and lucrative manner. Hybrid and/or multi-cloud deployments will help in provision of an even superior measure of elasticity, allowing workloads to be altered flawlessly across public as well as private infrastructures.


Another important benefit is that Salesforce Media Cloud platform provides immaculate security against the mishandling of data. Via data analysis, the media organization can protect itself from harm being done by business rivals. Moreover, the platform enables encryption of data connecting the organization and its customer.


With its unique features, Media Cloud provides process guides and media-related data models and tools to launch subscription bundles along with tailored experiences and monetization tools. As we have seen this new platform benefitting the media industry, we may well understand that Salesforce Media Cloud is here to stay.



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