What Makes Salesforce Lightning Web Component (LWC) So Beneficial For Your Business?

Launched in February,2019;The Lightning web component had been created as Salesforce’s new programming model, built based on modern browser improvements or web standards. The major benefit of this is that the aforementioned web components help in the creation of customizable, reusable HTML tags for your web pages & apps. With time, Lightning Web Components or LWC has emerged as an influential programming model which helps in developing web components. Appreciably, with augmented web standards, LWC is well-matched with the Aura programming model, where both coexist. However, how LWC works, has always remained unparalleled. LWC delivers a cutthroat benefits to its users. Our present write-up reiterates these very benefits that LWC has to offer.


Lightning Web Component & Benefits Offered for Your Organization

Unmatched Performance

One of the major benefits of Lightning Web Component (LWC) is its unmatched performance. When you’re working with the LWC, you are able to avoid unwanted server calls. The reason for this is Lightning Web Component (LWC) JS controller, when using Javascript; you can easily manipulate the data into your JS controller and finally display as needed without a server call for the process.

Makes App Development Faster

Using Lightning Web Component, you can empower your teams to work speedier with the out-of-the-box components that are to function flawlessly with desktop and mobile devices. Building an app with components facilitates parallel design, improving overall development effectiveness.

 Using LWC, you can help in developing the generic components functioning flawlessly and with the help of the Lightning App Builder. The Admin making use of the generic component, he/she can drag and then drop on a variety of lightning pages.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Applications use a receptive design such as SLDS. This helps in providing an agreeable user experience. What Lightning Component framework supports is that the newest in browser technology like HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Go Errorless

Another overwhelming feature is that you can expect to never get a view state error while you’re working with the aforementioned lighting component.

Inbuilt Security Features

LWC possesses an inbuilt browser security feature, to drive its revolutionary usage. It focuses on actions like button press & clicks determining the flow of movement. Moreover, LWC supports these actions. 

Simpler Means to ramp for developers: 

You wouldn’t require supplementary framework to learn in order to build up LWC and hence the shift for the developers to become a lot easier.

Easy Debugging

The LWC is Debugging is considerably easier than ALC. Wide variety of Salesforce discussion forums address & implement the step-wise debugging topics very swiftly.

Data Binding

Data binding is a procedure binding the data sources from the provider as well as consumer to synchronize them. LWC supports a dual-way data binding that facilitates in the coordination of how data moves between diverse components.



Salesforce Lightning Web Components have been thus designed so as to help the developers to meet the new JavaScript coding. Your organizations start using the Lightning Web Components their UI relating performance increasing considerably with contemporary browsers that support the most recent code standards. Learn more about Salesforce and how Geeksoft Consulting helps on our website and please check us out on our Facebook page.




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